Who We Are

We are


Dates are one of the most nutritious foods in the world. They have been revered and consumed for its energy giving properties and health benefits from time innumerable.  They are considered holy food and are taken as the first nibble to break the fast in the holy month of Ramadan. The health benefits of dates are so many that having dates daily is highly recommended for a healthy life. 

Saudi dates are considered the King of Dates. We export top quality Saudi dates grown and harvested in our own farms. They are picked, processed and packed under highly hygienic conditions adhering to all health and safety measures. This ensures that our customers get the best quality in its most pure and natural form without any additives. 

We have been a presence in the food industry in the middle east for the past 10 years. Drawing on this vast and in-depth experience, we decided to expand our realm to our beloved country. We believe quality speaks for itself, so we bring you nothing but the best dates.


Our Values

Healthy people make happy societies. Consuming healthy food is an integral part of being healthy. Food we consume should be health imparting. As a food export company we understand our responsibility to the society. We have aligned our values in tune to this goal and are focussed and dedicated to building a healthy and happy generation.


Our Mission

To be recognised as the most trusted brand in the food export industry. To lead the way and be known for the quality and purity of our products.


Our Vision

Our vision is to serve good health to everyone in the most pure and natural way to create a healthier tomorrow.

If heaven drops you a date, it must be received with an open mouth.