Iranian Dates

Some of the most exquisite species of dates are produced in Iran. Learn about our offerings from one of the largest dates producers in the world below.


Unique to and grown only in Iran, these dates have a very distinct flavor and are considered the most delicious of all the semi dry date varieties. They have a moisture content of about 15%. It is considered  a very healthy snack even for people with diabetes. They are  long with dark brown skin colour. They are the most luxurious and expensive of Iranian dates.


These semi dry dates are highly economically valued in Iran. They are semi oval, reddish black in colour, have thin meaty skin with sweet, fleshy soft insides. They are the earliest ripening of iranian dates.


These dates are one of the most soft delicious dates and the oldest cultivated date in Iran. They are brown in colour and  are used in both raw and dried forms. These dates are one of most popular date varieties worldwide.


They are the most famous dry dates. These late ripening dates are quite different in appearance with bright colour, and  oval shape. They have hard, shiny skin and their flesh is completely separated from the seed. 


These are the most exported variety of semi dry Iranian dates. They have a very unique soft texture and flavour. They are long, oval shaped with orangish brown to brown in colour when ripe. Date syrups and paste are the best made from these dates.